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‘Sinhala Police, gunning down Tamil students in Jaffna, is not different from genocidal military’

‘Sinhala Police, gunning down Tamil students in Jaffna, 

is not different from genocidal military’

[TamilNet, Friday, 21 October 2016, 17:27 GMT]
Two Tamil students of the Art Faculty of the University of Jaffna were cold-bloodedly gunned down by Sinhala ‘policemen’ at Kokkuvil, Jaffna, on Thursday night. Both the students died due to gunshot injuries, medical sources at Jaffna hospital said contradicting the cover-up of Colombo. The latest crime committed by the Sinhala Police carrying automatic rifles in the occupied Tamil homeland is a serious security threat to the nation of Eezham Tamils. Sinhala police is not different to the genocidal military as far as the nation of Eezham Tamils are concerned. It was the violent acts by the Sinhala Police in Jaffna that triggered Tamil militant response in the late 70s, Jaffna University student leaders told TamilNet condemning Colombo and its international collaborators, who have failed to deliver justice to the crimes committed against the nation of Eezham Tamils in the past.

Two students, 24-year-old Sulaxan Sukantharajah, from Kantharoadai in Jaffna and 23-year-old Gajan Nadarajah, who hails from Ki’linochchi, were gunned down around 11:30 p.m. on Thursday at Ku’lap-piddi in Kokkuvil, which is situated a few kilometres north of Jaffna city.

The two students were riding in a motorbike towards their hostel when the brutal incident took place.
University students killed in Jaffna on 21 Oct 2016
The students slain by Sinhala police at Kokkuvil in Jaffna

University students killed in Jaffna on 21 Oct 2016
The site of crime, according to SL Police.
The SL police first delayed the news and attempted to cover up the killings Friday morning describing that the students had died in a motorbike accident. No one was allowed to enter the area of the incident. However, the neighbours in the area alerted the student community saying that they heard more than three gunshots Thursday night. Later, the Sinhala police started to admit that it's constables had fired after the students failed to stop their motorbike at a police barrier. Even this claim is yet to be independently verified.

Sulaxan was shot three times and died on the spot with injuries to his chest, neck and spine while Gajan, whose corpse was handed over to the family Friday, died after sustaining wounds when the motorbike crashed. However, informed medical sources Friday night said Gajan also had a gunshot injury and the SL police had attempted to cover it up to look like as he died from crash injuries.

The entire Tamil student community is shocked by the brutal act of the Sinhala police. Colombo government, through its public relations offices, issued statements that the SL President had taken immediate action to investigate the crime and that five policemen have been suspended from duty and placed under investigations. But, there has been no credible and transparent facts to prove these claims, the student leaders in Jaffna said.

The appeasement coming from the international actors, mainly from the USA, was the prime reason for genocidal Sri Lanka continuing its militarization in the occupied country of Eezham Tamils, the Tamil students further said.

While the entire Tamil world was demanding immediate de-militarization of the occupied North-East in the island, the USA brought the so-called ‘consensus’ resolution joining hands with genocidal State of Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council. “This act has not only emboldened the Sinhala rulers in the island, but every Sinhala person carrying weapons in their hands while serving the interests of the genocidal State,” a senior student leader said calling on the global Tamils to course-correct the global powers without getting deceived to their so-called ‘soft-diplomacy’.

The SL State and the Sinhalese will only listen to ‘hard-diplomacy’ coming from the international community, the student leaders, who met to assess their response to the crime, told TamilNet Friday evening.

The policemen behind the crime belong to Chunnaakam Police, which was also responsible for the slaying of a Tamil youth for taking part in a memorial meeting observed during the Tamil Heores week in November 2011.

The same police unit has also been threatening a Tamil family in Kokkuvil on 05th October. After a police visit, a gunshot was fired at the house to threaten the family.

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Six fishermen arrested, SL Police ‘facilitates’ SL Navy's ‘legal revenge’ in Mannaar

Six fishermen arrested, SL Police ‘facilitates’ SL Navy's ‘legal revenge’ in Mannaar

[TamilNet, Friday, 21 October 2016, 11:48 GMT]
The Sinhala police of occupying genocidal Sri Lanka arrested 6 Tamil fishermen in the troubled Arippu village in Mannaar Friday morning and has brought them for an ‘identification parade’ at Mannaar Magistrate Court, where ‘Manchula’, the criminal SL Navy operative who was caught red-handed after entering a house in the coastal village on Tuesday, has been tasked to identify the villagers who caught him. On Tuesday, the SL Navy culprit was carrying two knives under his shirt when he was chased away and captured by the villagers after a family shouted for help. “This is how the Sinhala Police and the SL Judiciary operate in this island. None of the so-called Constitutional processes in the South are going to change this reality. Today, we are witnessing just another crime against humanity in Mannaar,” said a Tamil lawyer witnessing the behaviour of the SL Police.
Fishermen arrested by SL Police
SL Police is taking 6 Tamil fishermen from Arippu for an identity parade at Mannaar Magistrates Court, where the criminal SL Navy operative, known as ‘Manchula’ who was caught by the villagers on Tuesday night is to identify them

Instead of taking actions against the criminal Sinhala Navy person and arresting the remaining the three of the four-member squad that has caused bodily harm to civilians in a series of assaults, robberies and misbehaviour, the SL Police and the SL Judiciary are only being used to protect the SL Navy, which has already failed to take disciplinary action against its own soldiers, the lawyer complained.

Commenting further, the Tamil lawyer who didn’t wish to be named told TamilNet that the unfolding scenario in Arippu and Mannaar during the past 3 days was exactly similar to the post-2009 discourse at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, where the International Community failed to deliver justice to the genocide affected nation of Eezham Tamils.

The lawyer wished to remain anonymous fearing charges on contempt of court.
Fishermen arrested by SL Police

“What more do you expect from the SL Navy, SL Police and SL Justice System after the International Community of Establishments have handed the investigation on the crimes committed against Tamil civilians during the genocidal onslaught at the hands of the culprit State itself,” asked the Tamil lawyer.

"The ultimate culprits are somewhere else”, the lawyer further said.

In the meantime, Catholic priests who initially calmed down the villagers and arranged for the handover of the criminal SL Navy soldier to the Sinhala police, which promised to protect the civilians Tuesday night, said their requests to the SL Police has gone unheeded.
Fishermen arrested by SL Police


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தமிழ் தனிமொழியே! – பரிதிமாற்கலைஞர்

தலைப்பு-தமிழ்தனிமொழியே,பரிதிமாற்கலைஞர் ; thalaippu_thamizh_thanimozhiye_parithimalkalaignar

தமிழ் தனிமொழியே!

தான் வழங்கும் நாட்டிற் பயிலும் மற்றைய மொழிகளின் உதவியின்றித் தனித்து இயங்கவல்ல ஆற்றல் சார்ந்ததே ‘தனிமொழி’ எனப்படும். பிறமொழிகட்குச் செய்யும் உதவி மிகுந்தும் அவை தனக்குச் செய்யும் உதவி குறைந்தும் இருத்தலே வழக்காறு. தமிழ்மொழியினுதவி களையப்படின், தெலுங்கு முதலியன இயங்குத லொல்லா; மற்றுத் தமிழ்மொழி அவற்றினுதவியில்லாமலே சிறிது மிடர்ப்படுதலின்றித் தனித்து இனிமையின் இயங்கவல்லது. இஃது இந்திய மொழி நூற்புலவர்கள் பலர்க்கும் ஒப்ப முடிந்தது. ஆதலின் தமிழ் தனிமொழியேயென்க.
 பரிதிமாற்கலைஞர் வி.கோ.சூரியநாராயண (சாத்திரி) : தமிழ் மொழியின் வரலாறு

SLN expands naval detachment in Musali, steps up harassment on fishermen

SLN expands naval detachment in Musali, steps up harassment on fishermen

[TamilNet, Thursday, 20 October 2016, 17:29 GMT]
Making use of the prevailing situation in the coastal village of Arippu facing the Gulf of Mannaar, the occupying Sinhala Navy of genocidal Sri Lanka on Thursday increased its harassment on Tamil fishermen who went for fishing off Arippu and Chilaavaththu’rai. Fishermen from Ko’ndaichchi, Panangkaddi-koddu and Vangkaalai were subjected checking on board their vessels. Five water-jet gunboats were deployed by the SL Navy. In the meantime, the naval detachment at Muththarippuththu’rai was being expanded by seizing further lands and by bringing in more naval personnel into the village, eyewitnesses told TamilNet.

On Thursday, SL Navy sailors getting on board the fishing boats were ‘checking’ for an ‘insurance document’, which was hitherto unknown to Mannaar fishermen.

The harassment on Tamil fishermen comes after the villagers caught a criminal SL Navy soldier was caught by the civilians on Tuesday when he entered the house of a family with knives.

Despite the villagers capturing the alleged culprit red-handed, the occupying Sinhala Navy, Army have resorted to further escalate the militarisation and suppression of Tamils in Arippu. The Sinhala police of occupying Colombo was also conspiring with the SL Navy to arrest the Tamil men who had captured the soldier.

The SL Navy operative has been alleged of involvement in carrying out a series of violent robberies in the village in recent days.

A couple sustained cut injuries, a child of another family was threatened with a knife placed on its throat when his squad robbed off gold from them a few days ago.

The alleged culprit, who identified himself as ‘Manchula’ belonging to SL Navy intelligence, has been admitted at Anuradhapura General Hospital as he was beaten up by the villagers on Tuesday.


SL Navy delclares war on Tamil fishermen in Arippu, Sinhala police joins SLN

2ND LEAD (Adds video)

SL Navy delclares war on Tamil fishermen in Arippu, Sinhala police joins SLN

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 19 October 2016, 19:46 GMT]
Tension has mounted in the fishing village of Arippu throughout Wednesday as the Sinhala commanding officer of the occupying SL Navy in Arippu and Chilaavaththu'rai vowed to revenge the spontaneous public action on a criminal Sinhala navy person on Tuesday night. The SL Navy person, who entered a household threatening a woman around 9:45 p.m. on Tuesday was caught and beaten up by the villagers. The remaining three members of the four-member squad have managed to escape from the villagers. The squad has been engaged in a series of robberies and misconduct causing injuries to the villagers in recent days. The squad is alleged of stabbing a husband and wife 5 days ago and robbed off gold from another family after putting a knife on the throat of a child 8 days ago, the villagers told TamilNet. The SLN person was caught red-handed on Tuesday and he was in possession of two knives.

In the meantime, the occupying Sinhala Navy and Police have almost declared war on the civilians by conspiring together to arrest 60 Tamil men instead of taking disciplinary action on their own intruder and his squad, informed civil sources in Mannaar told TamilNet.

Apart from the SL Navy commander vowing to mete out ‘collective punishment’ on the villagers Tuesday night, more than 300-armed SL Navy personnel were roaming the village on Wednesday in Buffel Armoured Personnel Carriers and in military mopeds throughout the day in a threatening manner. Armed SLN, SLA and riot-control police commandos were posted at every 10 feet in the streets of Arippu.

“The conduct of the navy person captured by the people has given the impression that he was part of the squad that was engaged in violent episodes throughout the last week and the conduct of the SL government forces after the episode has raised the question whose security it is caring about,” said Mr Antony Benedict Cruz, the Mannaar district coordinator of Fishermen Solidarity Council, when interviewed by TamilNet at Arippu West on Wednesday.
Arippu on 19 October 2016
Normalcy was fully disturbed at Muththaripputh-thu'rai on Wednesday [Photo: TamilNet]

Arippu on 19 October 2016
A meeting scheduled to take place with the public at St Mary's Church was cancelled by SL Police at the last minute. All the villagers remained indoor as the military vehicles were roaming their streets. [Photo: TamilNet]
Arippu, situated along Mannaar - Puththa'lam Road is the largest fishing village with Tamil Catholic fishermen in the resettled Musali division of Mannaar district.

All the civilians, numbering around 2,550 persons belonging to 610 families from Arippu West and Arippu East remained indoors throughout the day.

The SL Police cancelled at the last minute a meeting that had been scheduled between the villagers and the SL Police. The meeting was supposed to be facilitated by Rev Fr Denis Calistus at St Mary’s Church at 5:00 p.m. The Catholic priests accompanied with NPC Councillor Primus Sirayva and TNA Parliamentarian Charles Nirmalathan calmed down the people and handed over the criminal soldier to the Police with oral guarantees from the Senior Superintend of Police that the Police would be protecting the security of the villagers. But, Police was conspiring with the SL Navy on Wednesday, eyewitnesses told TamilNet.

SL Navy was pushing for the arrest of 60 Tamil men for causing bodily harm to the navy person. The SL Navy has filed a case at Chilaavaththu’rai Police, the sources further said.

The menacing ‘soldier’ was carrying two knives under his shirt and the remaining three persons who accompanied him managed to ran away, eyewitnesses told TamilNet on Wednesday.

The whole village was scared of roaming SL Navy personnel More than 300 armed SL Navy personnel were deployed in threatening manner as well as around 60 Sinhala police commandos manning every hook and corners of the coastal village. Deploying more than four water-jet gunboats, Tamil fishermen who returned from sea were threatened with arrests. The villagers remained indoors throughout the day awaiting more trouble on Wednesday night.
Arippu incident on 18 October 2016
SL Navy person caught by the villagers in Arippu has been handed over to the SL Police through the facilitation of Catholic priests and TNA Parliamentarian Charles Nirmalanathan who rushed to Arippu Tuesday night
In the meantime, the Sinhala navy deployed four naval vessels in the seas off Chilvaaththu'rai and Arippu in the early hours of Wednesday chasing and harassing the Tamil fishermen, who were on their way back home after fishing.

Two fishermen siblings, 41-year-old Visenthy Silvestor, a father of three and Visenthy Sahayanathan Daberara, who is also a father of three were taken away by the SL Navy at the seas and were released only after Wednesday noon.

The navy had threatened to frame cases against the fishermen using Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) and on false accusation of transporting cannabis, the fishermen in Musali division told TamilNet.

The resettled villagers at the coastal fishing village of Arippu has called for an immediate end to the menace caused by the occupying Sinhala Navy sailors entering households while the fishermen go to seas for fishing.
Arippu, also known as Muthu-aripputh-thu'rai, is located north of Chilaavaththu'rai. SL Navy and Army bases are shown in red.
The squad of the SL Navy entered the house of 35-year-old Anton Roseman Cruz by breaking the front door of his house around 9:45 p.m. five days ago. When Mr Cruz and his wife confronted the one who was wearing a white mask, the intruder pulled out two knives and caused injuries to them. The neighbours who rushed to help the family spotted another man standing at the door who started to run away after seeing the public. The one who escaped was the SL Navy man who was caught red-handed on Tuesday, eyewitnesses in the village told TamilNet Wednesday.

Eight days ago, the intruders robbed off 6 pawns of gold from the family of another villager, Mr Jude, the villagers further said.

The intruders were mostly operating in criminal activities between 9:30 and 11:00 p.m. and the villagers reacted spontaneously on Tuesday when they spotted the four-member squad after one of them entered a house and the women at the house started shouting.

But, now the entire village is facing a war from the military and police of genocidal Sri Lanka.

The priests, NPC councillors and TNA parliamentarians were also not there to assure the security of the villagers on Wednesday.

Latest reports say more than 50 families, living closer to Mannaar – Puththa’lam Highway in Arippu East have displaced to Arippu West as the SL Navy was deployed in large numbers along the highway in a threatening manner.

Meanwhile, a section of former LTTE members and supporters have been forced to operate as informants to SL Navy in the village under the prevailing conditions of threat, the villagers told TamilNet.


Tamil fishermen apprehend menacing Sinhala soldier, smash SL naval detachment in Arippu

2ND LEAD (Adds photo)

Tamil fishermen apprehend menacing Sinhala soldier, smash SL naval detachment in Arippu

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 18 October 2016, 18:46 GMT]
A Sinhala military intelligence operative attached to the occupying Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) in Arippu, a coastal village in the Musali division of Mannaar district was caught red-handed by Tamil fishermen Tuesday around 10:00 p.m. when he was harassing a family in the village. The military intelligence operative was beaten up by the angry villagers. The SL Navy sailors stationed at the naval detachment in Arippu tried to rescue the culprit by sending an SLN sailor. When the attempt failed, the navy sailor escaped from the villagers, who chased him to the naval detachment. The navy personnel threatened the villagers by firing gunshots. However, the angry villagers smashed the SL Navy detachment sending a strong message against the criminal conduct of the occupying navy. Catholic priests in Mannaar told TamilNet that they have managed to calm down the villagers. Tension prevails in the area.

Arippu incident on 18 October 2016
SL Navy person caught by the villagers in Arippu has been handed over to the SL Police through the facilitation of Catholic priests and TNA Parliamentarian Charles Nirmalanathan who rushed to Arippu Tuesday night
Vicar General of Mannaar Diocese Fr Victor Sosai and Vanni District TNA Parliamentarian Charles Nirmalanathan rushed to St Mary's Church and joined the parish priest to bring the situation under control.

The apprehended Sinhala soldier was brought to the church premises by the villagers.

The villagers demanded the presence of Mannaar Senior Superindent of Police and deployment of police personnel around their village before handing over the captured Sinhala intelligence operative to the SL Police.

Arippu, also known as Muthu-aripputh-thu'rai, is located north of Chilaavaththu'rai. SL Navy and Army bases are shown in red.
Arippu is the largest coastal village in the Musali division with Tamil Catholic population situated close to Chilaavaththu'rai.

The Tamil fishermen in Arippu complain that the Sinhala Navy personnel have been harassing their families during the nights. The villagers also blamed that the SL Navy personnel were complicit in theft and other crimes taking place in the night time in their village.

The strategically situated coastal division of Musali, facing both the Palk Bay and the Gulf of Mannaar as well as commanding the closest communication line with the Tamil Nadu coast, has become a hive of intense Sinhala militarisation and demographic changes in recent times.

There are large SL military establishments at Chilaavaththu'rai and at Mu'l'lik-ku'lam. Mu'l'ikku'lam has become a strategic point of occupation to the SL Navy that aim to Sinhalicise and colonise the land and the historic waters of Eezham Tamils.

More than 4,500 Eezham Tamil civilians, evicted from Musali division in Mannnaar district in September 2007, are still refused entry to their village by the occupying SLN, which has transformed Mu'l'likku'lam into the so-called ‘Command Headquarters’ of the ‘North Western Naval Area’.

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Abducted Tamil businessman released after torture in Ki'linochchi

Abducted Tamil businessman released after torture in Ki'linochchi

[TamilNet, Monday, 17 October 2016, 20:45 GMT]
36-year-old Krishnasamy Ratheesan, a Tamil businessman who was reported missing on 12 October in Ki'linochchi, returned home with internal injuries and symptoms of shock. Refusing to comment anything on who the culprits were and why they abducted him and subjected him to torture, the father of one chose to seek legal protection through the police in Ki'linochchi, sources in Ki'linochchi said. So-called white-van squads operated by the SL military intelligence were behind similar abductions in the past, especially during the times of Gotabhaya Rajapaksa as the ‘Defence Secretary’ of the occupying SL military. The latest abduction has raised alarms among the business community in the North-East.

The family of Mr Ratheesan filed a complaint on 12 October with the SL Police in Ki'linochchi as they feared the ‘Terrorist Investigation Division’ was behind the abduction-style ‘arrest’. But, the Police said they were not aware of any arrest by the TID.

Mr Ratheesan hails from Idaik-ku'richchi in Vara'ni, Thenmaraadchi was earlier associated with the freedom movement of Eezham Tamils. After 2009, he has been running at least 14 different businesses coordinating everything from his office at Ki'linochchi.

He was reported missing after he left the office on 12 October.

வியாழன், 20 அக்டோபர், 2016

பாட்டின் இயல்பு என்ன? 1/3 – மறைமலையடிகள்

தலைப்பு-பாட்டின் இயல்பு, மறைமலையடிகள் ; thalaippu_paatin_iyalbu_maraimalaiadigal

பாட்டின் இயல்பு என்ன?


  முல்லைப்பாட்டு என்பதைப் பற்றித் தெரிய வேண்டுவன எல்லாம் ஆராயும்முன், பாட்டு என்பது எத்தகையது? என்று ஆராய்ந்து அறிந்து கொள்ளல் வேண்டும். பின்றைக் காலத்துத் தமிழ்ப் புலவர் பாட்டென்பது இன்னதென்றே அறியாராய்ப் புதுப்புது முறையாற் சொற்களைக் கோத்துப் பொருள் ஆழமின்றிச் செய்யுள் இயற்றுகின்றார். பண்டைக் காலத்துத் தண்டமிழ்ப் புலவரோ பாட்டு என்பதன் இயல்பை நன்கறிந்து நலமுடைய செய்யுட்கள் பலப்பல இயற்றினார். இங்ஙனம் முற்காலத்தாராற் செய்யப்பட்ட பாட்டின் இயல்பொடு மாறுபட்டுப் பிற்காலத்தார் உண்மை பிறழ்ந்து பாடிய செய்யுட்களைக் கண்டு மாணாக்கர் பாட்டினியல்பு அறியாது மயங்குவாராகலிற், பாட்டு என்பது இன்னதென்பதனை ஒரு சிறிது விளக்குவாம்.
  உலக இயற்கையிற் கண் முதலான புலன்களுக்கு விளங்கித் தோன்றும் அழகை யெல்லாந் தன்னகத்தே நெருங்கப் பொதிந்துவைத்துப், பின் அவற்றை நம் அறிவினிடத்தே புலப்படுவண்ணந் தோற்றுவித்துப், பொருள் நிகழ்ச்சியொடு மாறுபடுதல் இல்லா இனிய ஓசையுடன் இசைந்து நடைபெறும் இயல்பினை உடையதுதான் பாட்டென்று அறிதல் வேண்டும். இன்னும் எங்கெங்கு நம் அறிவைத் தம்வயப் படுத்துகின்ற பேரழகும் பேரொளியும் பெருந்தன்மையும் விளங்கித் தோன்றுகின்றனவோ அங்கெல்லாம் பாட்டு உண்டென்றே அறிதல்வேண்டும். இதனை விளக்கிக் காட்டுமிடத்துப், பேரழகாற் சிறந்த ஓர் அரசி தான் மேற்போர்த்திருந்த நீலப்பட்டு ஆடையினைச் சிறிது சிறிதாக நீக்கிப், பின் அதனைச் சுருட்டிக் கீழே எறிந்து விட்டுத் துயில் ஒழிந்து, ஒளிவிளங்கு தன் நளிமுகங்காட்டி எழுந்ததை யொப்ப, இருட்கூட்டஞ் சுருண்டு மடங்கி அலைகடலிற் சென்று அடங்கிவிடுமாறு இளைய ஞாயிறு உருக்கித் திரட்டிய பசும்பொற் றிரளைபோலத் தளதளவெனக் கீழ்த் திசையில் தோன்றவும், அத்திசையின் பரப்பெல்லாம் பொன் உரைத்த கற்போற் பொலிந்து திகழவும், பசுமை பொன்மை நீலம் சிவப்பு வெண்மை முதலான நிற வேறுபாடுள்ள பொன் வெள்ளிகள் உருகி ஓடுகின்ற நிலம் போல வான் இடமெல்லாம் பலவண்ணமாய் விரிந்து விளங்கவும், கரியமுகில்க ளெல்லாஞ் செவ்வரக்கு வழித்த அகன்ற திரைச் சீலைகள் போலவும் ஆங்காங்குச் சொல்லுதற் கரிய பேரொளியடு திகழவும் உலகமங்கை நகைத்தாற் போலப் புதுமையுற்றுத் தோன்றும் விடியற்கால அழகெல்லாம் பாட்டென்றே அறிதல்வேண்டும். ஆ! இங்ஙனந் தோன்றும் அவ் விடியற்கால அழகினைக் கண்டுவியந்த வண்ணமாய் மீன்வலையடு கடற்கரையில் நிற்குஞ் செம்படவனைக் காட்டினுஞ் சிறந்த புலவன் யார்?
  அவ் விடியற்காலையிலே முல்லை நிலத்து மேய்ப்பர்கள் ஆண்கன்றுகளைத் தொழுவத்திலே தாம்பினாற் கட்டிவைத்து ஆன்நிரைகளை அடுத்துள்ள மலைச்சாரலிற் கொண்டுபோய்ப் பசிய புல் மேயவிட்டுத் தாம் மரநழலிற் சாய்ந்திருந்து கொண்டு, தமக்கெதிரே பச்சிலைப் போர்வை மேற்கொண்டு கரிய முகில்கள் நெற்றி தழுவிக் கிடப்பப் பெருந்தன்மையடு வான் அளாவித் தோன்றும் மலையினை அண்ணாந்து பார்த்தவராய் அவர்கள் அச்சமும் மகிழ்ச்சியும் அடையும் போது அங்கும் பாட்டு உண்டென்றே அறிதல் வேண்டும்.
  காதலினாற் கட்டுண்ட இளைஞரும் மகளிரும் நெகிழாத காதலன்பின் மிகுதியால் தோளடு தோள் பிணையத் தழுவிக்கொண்டு, மலையடிவாரத்தில் உள்ள பூஞ்சோலைகளிற் களிப்பாய் உலவுந்தொறுந் தூங்கணங் குருவிகள் மரக்கிளைகளில் வியப்பான கூடு கட்டுதலையும்; மரப் பொந்துகளி லிருந்து மணிப்புறாக்கள் கூவுதலையும்; ஆண்மயில்கள் தம் அழகிய தோகையினை விரித்துப் பெடைமயில் கண்டுகளிப்ப ஒருபுறம் ஆடுதலையும்; மலையிலிருந்தொழுகும் அருவிநீர் கூழாங் கற்படையின்மேற் சிலுசிலுவென்று ஓடிவந்து அச்சோலையின் ஒரு பக்கத்துள்ள ஆழ்ந்த குட்டத்தில் நிரம்பித் துளும்ப, அதன்கண் உள்ள செந்தாமரை முகிழ்கள் அகன்ற இலைகளின்மேல் இதழ்களை விரித்து மிகச் சிவப்பாய் அலர் தலையும் விரும்பிக்கண்டு, நறுமணங் கமழும் பூக்களை மரங்களினின்றுந் தாவிப் பறித்துக் கரிய கூந்தலில் மாறிமாறி அணிந்துஞ், சிவக்கப் பழுத்த கொவ்வைக்கனி போன்ற தம் இதழ்கள் அழுந்த முத்தம் வைத்துக்கொண்டுந், தேன் ஒழுகினாலென இனிய நேயமொழிகள் பேசிக்கொண்டும் அவர்கள் செல்லுமிடத்து அங்கும் பாட்டு உண்டென்றே அறிதல் வேண்டும்.
– மறைமலையடிகள் : முல்லைப்பாட்டு ஆராய்ச்சியுரை